Morning Routine


7.00 am – Staff arrive. For child protection laws and licensing laws, we cannot take any child before 7.15am.

7.15 am – Children start to arrive, have breakfast, quiet games, read, finish homework or art & craft.

7.45 am – Free play outside with some organised games/Indoor play.

8.30 am – Breakfast finishes, pack away time and finish morning off with indoor or outdoor games.

9.15 am – Staff walk children over to the school.


Afternoon Routine


3.25 pm – Children’s names are marked off, afternoon tea served and daily announcements are made.

4.00 pm – Free play on oval or outdoors, organised games/ Art & Craft/ Music/ Indoor activities.

5.30 pm – Pack up time, indoor games, DVD, reading, quiet activities.

6.00 pm – Centre Closes.